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Pre-Dental Workshop – 2015

Exciting, fulfilling, professional, and informative… these are just a few words to describe this year’s ASDOH ASDA’s pre-dental workshop!  The pre-dental students experienced a full day including workshops on application tips, helpful advice from current ASDOH dental students, and a hands-on drilling experience.  Workshop attendees included current applicants, future applicants, and re-applicants.  It was such a rewarding volunteer opportunity for me to work with the pre-dental students for the day.  Throughout the day, I received positive feedback on how beneficial the workshop was.  I love offering advice and encouragement to the pre-dental students.  Applying to dental school is quite a journey, but it helps to network with current dental students through the pre-dental workshop.  It was gratifying for me to see how excited they were to be in the dental school setting and I assured them that their hard work will pay off as long as they focus, remain passionate, and never lose sight of the end goal.  The pre-dental committee worked hard to make sure this workshop was beneficial for all, and I firmly believe they successfully completed this task!

Kristine Keber – Class of 2016

Committee Member |

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Todd Wilcox

I am writing this to share my experience at Pre-Dental Day at ASDOH. I am currently in my senior year of my undergrad. As soon as I walked into ASDOH for my first time, dental students greeted me and provided the pre-dents with ASDOH gifts. We had three amazing meals during the day plus snacks. The day was very stimulating and after listening to the dean’s, Dr. Dillenberg’s, speech I was so motivated about the dental profession and attending ASDOH. You can tell the Dental students put hours of effort into planning the day for us pre-dents as it was extremely beneficial, and 100% geared towards helping pre-dents. The day consisted of mock interviews with students and faculty members, who not only gave amazing feedback, but also a variety of practice questions. We also had one hour of Q and A with a panel of second year dental students. This was so beneficial because there were so many questions asked by other pre-dents that I never would have thought to ask. We had a presentation on how to prepare for the DAT and study techniques as well. Not to mention a one on one critique of our personal statements with the current dental students.

After pre-dent day I feel much better prepared to apply to dental school. I know that ASDOH is my first choice. The actions of the dental students and staff showed that ASDOH is one big family working together to provide the best care to the public community. I am so grateful to all the students and staff who volunteered and am very excited to be a applying to ASDOH in June!

Todd Wilcox Pre-Dental Attendee


Albert Wong

When I signed up for ASDOH’s pre-dental workshop I was not too sure what to expect because it was my first time attending a pre-dental workshop at any dental school. I was impressed on how organized everyone was and how smoothly everything went with the amount of pre-dental students attending. All the students and volunteers that helped throughout the day were very welcoming. At first I was a bit intimidated by all the dental students, because I felt like I didn’t really fit in. As the day progressed, I got to interact more with all the dental students and got more comfortable and was no longer intimidated. Every student and faculty member I met was very friendly and helpful when we had questions. During the lunch and dinner I got the chance to sit with a few ASDOH dental students at my table and got to interact with them one-on-one and pick at their brains a bit. When talking to them, they made us feel like we were their peers and gave us tips on how to succeed in dental school. The environment that the students created made me want to be part of the ASDOH community.

When we split up into our respective groups to be at a specific “station” was when all the confusion started, but all the students knew how to handle everything efficiently. Once my group got to the Q&A breakout session, we had the chance to ask the student panel anything we wanted. It was very informative because we got to ask them the questions we have always wanted to know about a typical dental student’s life. The mock interviews were very helpful because we were provided with feedback of how we did and ways to improve. When we got into the simulation lab, the first thing we learned was ergonomics. Although many pre-dental students may overlook how important ergonomics are, it was great to see how it was taught and stressed when we were in the simulation lab. The best part of the whole workshop was being able to wax and prep some teeth. Although the students are not instructors, they seemed knowledgeable about what they were doing and teaching.  When waxing and prepping the tooth, the students gave us an overview of the techniques and let us have some fun. To actually be holding a hand-piece and using it was totally worth it.

Albert Wong Pre-Dental Attendee


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