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Commitee Chairs

Committee Chairs
Scott Howell – Class of 2014
Ethics Ambassador |

Scott was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit.  He got his undergrad in philosophy at Michigan State University and realizing that all you can do with a philosophy degree is to argue endlessly in circles decided to pursue dentistry.  He worked for 2 years in a mobile dental company as an assistant going to nursing homes, inner city schools, prisons and hospitals for the criminally insane.  He loves the opportunities ASDOH has to work with special needs patients and hopes to continue his career post-dental school by pursuing a fellowship in special needs dentistry and teaching at a university.

Diana Lin- Class of 2013
D4 Representative |

ASDA is a great way to be involved with organized dentistry as a dental student. Diana’s role as Career Development Chair is geared towards the professional side of ASDA. Her goal is to provide opportunities for people to learn more about dentistry after graduation and skills that can help throughout dental school. Diana is a D3 and loves being in clinic. She likes to tell her patients to floss the ones you want to keep. Diana has a Shiba Inu named Gambit (a very smiley dog, which is fitting for a dental student like her). She enjoy traveling, singing, dancing, film, hugging, sleeping, eating, and exercising because I’m eating so much.

Monica Kowalski – Class of 2014
Ideal ASDA
 Chair |

Monica is from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. When she is not out riding her motorcycle or taming lions, this Warrior Dash champion can be found behind the lens of a camera. She enjoys being a part of ASDA because of the community it provides to dental students enabling them to make a difference with the help of like minded individuals. A quote by Mahatma Gandhi that has stuck with her is “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Breanna Prater – Class of 2014
Lunch and Learn Co-Chair |

Breanna is one of the Lunch and Learn Co-Chairs. She is originally originally from Olathe, Kansas, but likes to claim Dallas, Texas as her hometown since she was there for 7 years before moving out here. She knew she wanted to be involved with Lunch and Learns since she has a passion for food and for organizing. In her spare time, she likes to dine out, cook, play with her two dogs, and tries to finish a painting that’s taking her over 5 months to complete.

Angela Lee- Class of 2014
Legislative Lead Chair |

Angela grew up in Culver City, CA, which is located in the West Los Angeles area. She enjoys being a part of ASDA because it offers a great opportunity to learn about organized dentistry, and to become more involved in school activities. She is passionate about working with youth and lending a helping hand to the underserved. In her spare time, Angela likes cooking, watching comedies, and when the weather’s nice, you can find her lounging poolside.

Ivette Jorge- Class of 2015
Activities Co-Chair |

Ivette is originally from Miami, Florida, but after living in New York City for the past few years considers that tiny island her new home. After exploring the tropics and the big city, she is now eager to discover the west coast and all that the Arizona desert has to offer. On her spare time she loves to watch comedy shows, movies, and just hang out with friends. She is excited to be apart of ASDA because she believes it is a great way to get involved, make a difference, and build a memorable community among peers and professionals.

Celine Javanni- Class of 2015
Activities Lead Chair |

Celine grew up in New Jersey, but spent the past 5 years in Santa Barbara, CA. Although she now considers herself a California girl, you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl. Celine enjoys cooking, hiking, dancing, watching football (Go Giants!), snuggling her dog Madison, or watching a good movie. Celine is excited to be involved with ASDA because it gives her an opportunity to learn about her future profession with like-minded individuals. Celine likes to live by the words of a very wise elf named Buddy: “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite”

Amy Truong- Class of 2015
Community Service Lead Chair |

Amy is from Sacramento, CA and she enjoys watching sports, practicing Bikram Yoga, spending time with family and friends, and eating!!! 😉 She picked ASDOH because she loves the fact that the school has a HUGE emphasis on public health and serving those in need. She is excited to be a part of ASDA and anxious to serve the community of Phoenix.

Caitlin Gomez – Class of 2015
Pre-Dental Co-Chair |

Caitlin is from a beautiful town in Washington called Olympia. The slogan is, “It’s the water.” She is a true Olympian and Pacific Northwestern…she loves the rain, loves the water, and loves the trees. When she’s not studying, she is spending time with her amazing family and friends and playing games. She absolutely loves ASDOH and is excited to share her knowledge and experiences with future dental students.

Masha Raykhman
Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

Born in the extravagant city of Moscow, Masha escaped the confines of the former Soviet Union as a young child to immigrate to the land of the free. She now hails from the fair city of Irvine in the province of California. When Masha is NOT doing very important things for very important people, she enjoys watching clouds, rolling around in meadows and making flower wreaths. She is excited to be a part of ASDA as it provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about the social, political and economic aspirations of the dental field. Conversely, she is excited to share her excitement and optimism towards dentistry with the rest of her peers and faculty.

Samantha Bona- Class of 2015
Ethics Ambassador |

Sam was born and raised in the Bay Area; located 20 miles south of the beautiful San Francisco, California. Being a proud Northern Californian, Sam is a strong advocate for the environment and all of its inhabitants. On her free time, this Bay Area native enjoys racing shifter karts, spending time at the beach, hanging out in the fog, hiking though Redwoods, camping, and anything else outdoorsy. Sam chose ASDOH because of the schools ‘family’ environment as well as its fundamental principles centered on public health.